Prepositions game

This game regards beginners. Students usually struggle with prepositions and I found that the combination of hand gestures and movement helps a lot. It just came to me some years ago, while struggling myself to teach my students their first basic prepositions of place.

There should be an introduction of some kind, using the material a course book offers, or anything else which can be found on the Internet such as this:

There should be a selection of the prepositions, depending on the level of course. Another way could be through the use of flashcards, in abundance on the Net, as well!

Then, we begin with the repetition of gestures and the corresponding preposition. It's best if you follow the same order during repetition, for example, in-on-under etc.

After repeating in a form of chant, they should follow by repeating them on their own. I usually assign them the role of the teacher. Each student takes turn in being the teacher in front of the rest of the class and showing the gestures while repeating the prepositions.

The next step is to ask students questions about where some well known objects can be found in the classroom. They proceed by asking one another questions of the same sort.

Finally, they play a game they love! A student leaves the classroom and the rest of the students hide his/her things. However, make sure they "hide" them in places they can be seen and found easily! Then, the student comes back in the classroom and the rest of the students ask questions, for instance, "Where is your pencil?" or "Where is your Activity Book?" etc

The student, whose items are "missing," should answer in the form of simple sentences, using the prepositions of course! "It's under my desk"-"It's opposite my pencil case" and so on.

It's a most entertaining way to learn the prepositions of place and they have loads of fun!!!

Enjoy! Happy learning!


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