Halloween 2014

There has been some controversy regarding Greek teachers "celebrating" Halloween. There were also some discussions on losing time from the "real" lesson. Well, it's not a celebration, it's just a cultural connection.

A language, any language is a living organism! It breaths through people who speak it. It's the expression of a lot or just some people. Halloween could be just the beginning of how a language can be tought! Through life itself, through places, lifestyle and people themselves! What's wrong with students know what people celebrate, remember or even what they try to forget some times...

 Anyway, we had loads of fun this year in so many ways!

      My older students love getting spooky!

                         My trick or treaters!

Listening activities through the vast Internet archives, sources and materials! Don't ask, just google it!

 Only a small sample of the games we played, such as classic bingo, learn vocabulary through flashcards and so many other games!

           Endless fun and learning activities with our favourite Nightmare Before Christmas!

 Arts and crafts!

                              Happy Halloween until next year!

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