The Disabled Access Friendly Campaign

The Disabled Access Friendly Campaign is a non-profit organisation, set by two remarkable people, Paul Shaw and Katie Quartano, here in Thessaloniki. Thanks to the many contributors and ambassadors, their Campaign aims to be everyone's campaign. Among presentations and activities in order to raise awareness, there is this wonderful website, where any colleague interested can find teaching material of every level and kind, articles and advice on how to improve their school premises so as to accommodate people with disabilities.  

Having the incentive of knowledge, the materials can be used in versatile ways. Here is an example of our first Awareness week.  

Last year I had the great honour of contributing my personal experience in the DAF Campaign's website and this year also trying to spread the word by having the pleasure to describe my experience in English Teaching Professional magazine. I cannot describe my joy and hope that many other teachers in Greece and all over the world will visit the DAF website, use the materials and, why not, spread the word themselves!

Since then I have been using the lesson plans and incorporate the ideas in my lessons. My students and I also continue our effort to support the local initiative of the Association of Disabled people in the region of Pella, in Giannitsa. We collect plastic bottle caps, so as they can be used for the purchase of wheelchairs for the members of the Association.I'd like to urge school owners and teachers to make this small effort and try to help as much as they can!

Respect is a feeling which many fellow citizens fail to find, especially nowadays. Let's try to create a better sense of respect for everyone, without discriminations, carelessness and disrespect. Let's try to make a difference and really offer a round-up education to our students! 

Remember, spread the word!


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